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Employers Empowering Homeownership® - EEH®
Through our energetic initiative, Employers Empowering Homeownership®, NFH is carrying out its non-profit mission by reaching out to workforce families throughout the Northbay area....offering information and direct assistance to help them achieve the substantial benefits of homeownership closer to their workplace.

EEH® Homeownership Workshops Sponsored by Northbay Employers
NFH reaches workforce families is through alliances with employers in the Northbay region of San Francisco. These employers sponsor EEH® Homeownership workshops and offer this complimentary service from NFH as an additional benefit for their employees. The EEH® Program builds and strengthens the relationship between employer and employee and provides tangible, practical benefits for each.

What is the goal of an EEH® Homeownership Workshop presented by NFH?
The basic purpose and goal of our EEH® Workshops is to demonstrate to workforce families that homeownership is possible. By providing basic information, presenting loan payment examples and explaining the home buying process, we can help overcome the fears, myths and misinformation that all too often keep workforce families from realizing the benefits of homeownership.

What is discussed in your EEH® Seminars?
EEH® Workshops are designed to provide basic information and address common questions and concerns we hear from first-time buyers. Our seminars are presented in an informal, friendly atmosphere that encourages employee participation. Topics covered include:

  • Common myths about homeownership
  • Benefits of Homeownership
  • Examples of downpayment and monthly housing costs
  • What loan programs are available?
  • How do Affordable Programs work?
  • How much money will I need for downpayment and closing?
  • How does the tax write-off help me?
  • How does a lender determine whether I qualify?
  • How can budgeting help?
  • How can NFH help me with the process?
            My HomeBuyer Alert
            One-on-One Counseling
            Affordable Programs
            PreApproved Commitments
            Buyers Broker Services

What are the benefits to Employers?
Through sponsorship of our EEH® Workshops and the substantial value they offer, employers build employee relationships and stabilize their workforce. Employees enjoying the benefits of homeownership closer to work spend fewer hours commuting and have more time for family and personal activities...which can translate to increased punctuality and productivity for the employer.

What are the benefits to Employees?
The benefits of homeownership to employees, discussed at length in our Workshops, include: a) personal pride of ownership/"a place of your own", b) investment/growth opportunity, and c) income and property tax benefits.

Who can Sponsor a Homeownership Workshop?
We invite any employer in the Northbay region of San Francisco to contact us. We would be pleased to present our EEH® Workshop to your employees. If you are an employee and feel your company could benefit from our Workshops, we suggest you contact your Human Resources office and direct them to us for discussions.

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