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Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services
In the real estate industry, real estate brokers traditionally represent the seller. However, buyers are free to select a broker that will agree to represent them as a buyer. Advantages of selecting a broker that will represent the buyer include:

  • An unbiased look at your needs compared to the entire marketplace (rather than attempting to promote and sell a specific property)
  • Objective advice on the strengths and weaknesses of a particular property
  • A commitment to negotiate for your best interests
  • A commitment to maintain confidentiality regarding your finances and motivation to enhance your negotiating position
  • Your costs do not increase, commissions are still paid by the Seller
  • Advocacy to make certain your interests are protected in the final purchase offer (including inspections and financing clauses).

What is Northbay Family Home's role?
Because of its reputation, experience and knowledge of Northbay real estate markets, NFH is in a unique position to assist your home search by introducing you to a real estate specialist having specific knowledge of local markets in your target area. Real estate brokers and agents working in alliance with NFH are experienced in meeting the special needs of first-time buyers and are committed to providing the personalized service they require. Knowing you have selected a broker to represent and advocate your personal interests throughout your search, negotiation and closing provides a solid footing and confidence as you pursue your home purchase. As a licensed real estate broker, NFH receives a modest portion of the real estate commission eventually paid by the seller.

How do I receive these Real Estate Services?
NFH can make an introduction to a real estate broker or agent serving the neighborhoods where you will be focusing your search. We'll make the introduction, but you will have the opportunity to determine for yourself that there will be a positive working relationship. The real estate broker you select will typically engage with you to provide services for a specific period of time (usually 120 days) as you move forward with the purchase process. Your broker will be there as your personal advocate and will work closely with you to provide insights on local markets, communities and schools...set appointments to view properties...and, most importantly, to advocate your best interests as you write your offer and close your escrow.

Who are Northbay Family Homes' Alliance Brokers?
Because Northbay Family Homes provides homeownership services throughout the entire Northbay market area, it works with a network of alliance brokers who have the expertise and interest in working with first time buyers and workforce families in specific communities. You'll have the opportunity of selecting a real estate professional who is committed to your success... so you will have feet-on-the-ground and personal representation to assist at every step along the way.

Real Estate Broker
CA Dept. of Real Estate
License# 00852010 

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