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One-on-One Interviews

What is the purpose of an One-on-One Interview?
Northbay Family Homes knows that it all comes down to what you can qualify for. We've found that many individuals and families believe they will never qualify....or that the process is just too overwhelming.  And, short of reaching out and becoming involved with a broker or lender, there's really no way to get solid, reliable information to determine whether homeownership is even feasible. 

That's where NFH's One-on-One interview comes in. First, our interview services are free...there is no obligation. We are a non-profit organization with the mission of assisting where we can to help individual and families obtain the benefits of homeownership. That includes explaining the process to prospective buyers and helping them take important steps toward their homeownership goals.

What can you expect in a One-on-One Interview?
Meeting in person or over the phone will give you the chance to see whether homeownership is right for you. The objectives of our meeting will be to:

  • discuss the details of homeownership in a private, confidential conversation.
  • determine whether a lender is likely to give you a loan.
  • determine if you qualify for any Affordable Programs that could reduce your down payment, pay some of your closing costs or reduce monthly payments.
  • estimate the likely loan amount and loan terms you may qualify for.
  • project the sales price range of homes you can afford and determine through a review of MLS listings whether homes are likely to be available that suit your needs.
  • at your option, take a formal Loan Application and submit to a NFH Alliance Lender for a PreApproved Mortgage Commitment.
  • Set your profile in My HomeBuyer Alert to notify you of homes in your price range as they appear on the MLS.
  • discuss the advantages of using Buyer's Broker services as you shop for your home.

How will the One-on-One Interview be conducted?

  • First, we'll review your objectives and share our experiences in helping others with similar circumstances.
  • Next, on a confidential basis, we'll ask about your income, savings and credit and give you a ball-park idea of how a lender will look at your financial picture if you were to present a formal Loan Application.
  • We'll also take a look at your income and other eligibility rules  to see if you qualify for any Affordable Programs (down payment assistance, first time buyer credits or other programs) that may help you with cash to close or to meet monthly payments.
  • If your information is in order, we can take your Loan Application and prepare a package for review by one of our Alliance Lenders to obtain a PreApproved Mortgage Commitment. This will give you a more specific target for shopping the market and will provide financial "clout" when the time comes to make an offer.
  • If you are ready to proceed with your search, we can introduce you to real estate broker who is prepared to act as your personal advocate. Your Buyer's Broker will help you evaluate neighborhoods, visit properties, alert you to opportunities, negotiate with sellers, assist you in writing an informed purchase offer and help you move quickly through the closing process.

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